probax technology

ProBax® is a foam based technology incorporated into the seat cushion of both the Winston and Sovereign series of Charles Alan chairs. Unlike most foam seating which allows the seat occupant to slump in the seat, the patented technology supports the pelvis allowing the spine to adopt a more natural “S” shaped curvature. ProBax® seating can be found in conference and convention seating, cinemas, theatres and auditoriums across the USA.

The ProBax® option also offers a prolonged cushion life over the standard seats due to reduced fidgeting and better weight bearing properties.

The combination of improved comfort and the proven health benefits for the seat user makes the ProBax® technology a compelling choice in healthcare and assisted living seating.

the effects on posture

  • Clinically proven improvements in blood flow, reducing the risk of thrombosis like events
  • Improved lung function allowing for greater oxygenation of the blood, this in turns increases concentration levels, aids healing and reduces the risk of tissue necrosis
  • Even weight and pressure distribution, reducing the risk of sores and ulcers
  • Reduced incidence of back and neck related pain from insufficient support
  • Improved swallowing and better digestion
  • Improved communication skills and social interaction due to raised eye line
  • Better starting position from which to get in and out of a chair reducing the risk of falls
  • Significantly improved comfort ratings
The ProBax® technology is owned by NuBax LLC. For further information please visit