Fort Worth, Texas is home to Charles Alan Incorporated. Our company, has emerged as one of the leading small specialty furniture manufacturers in the nation. We take pride in our family of employees and acknowledge that our success is because of them. When you purchase a Charles Alan product you are investing in our unique vision of the future. Margaret Sevadjian founded Charles Alan Incorporated in 1998. With a handful of skilled craftsmen and a passion for excellence, Margaret set out to produce one of the most unique furniture companies in the industry.


Custom  Capabilities
Charles Alan has been building custom furniture for over 18 years to serve all sorts of different needs. When approached by Heracles Research Corporation to take one of our designs and redevelop it to conceal a gun safe…
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Made  in  the  U.S.A.
Charles Alan Incorporated is an American furniture manufacturing company located in Fort Worth, Texas. By keeping our manufacturing process in the U.S., we provide employment opportunities for our community, support…
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ProBax®  Technology
ProBax® is a foam based technology incorporated into the seat cushion of both the Winston and Sovereign series of Charles Alan chairs. Unlike most foam seating which allows the seat occupant to slump in the seat, the patented…
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