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Margaret Sevadjian
President / CEO

Fort Worth, Texas is home to Charles Alan Incorporated. Our company, in just a few short years has emerged as one of the leading small specialty furniture manufacturers in the nation. We take pride in our family of employees and acknowledge that our success is because of them. When you purchase a Charles Alan product you are investing in our unique vision of the future. Margaret Sevadjian founded Charles Alan Incorporated in 1998. With a handful of skilled craftsmen and a passion for excellence, Margaret set out to produce one of the most unique furniture companies in the industry.

From austere beginnings, Charles Alan has blossomed into an incredibly diverse company that now offers over 300 designs. Along the way, Charles Alan has developed a strong reputation for unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship. We develop our product designs with a clear understanding of the past coupled with a unique vision of the future. The cornerstone of our success has been our commitment to working with product designers that possess a distinct design vision. With over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Charles Alan boasts one of the most skilled groups of employees in the contract furniture market. We continue to upgrade our production facility to better compete in the growing global market. We strive every day to improve our productivity and continue to improve on the quality of our products.

As an emerging leader in the contract furniture manufacturing industry, Charles Alan is committed to the ongoing improvement of what is currently a product of exceptional value. Our goal is to continually improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity and enhance the working environment for our people. We stand behind our commitment to quality and value and we honor the commitment of our people.