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On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions.


What is the upcharge for custom finishes?
One-Time charge of $150 NET for custom mixing of an individual finish in addition to $25 NET per unit applied.
If a fabric has a repeat, what is the increase in yardage?
Depending upon the repeat – see chart on page 6 of the price list. Add horizontal and vertical repeats together to get % to add to standard requirement.
What woods are the legs of the upholstered pieces available in?
Hard maple
What finishes are the legs of the upholstery pieces available in?
Any standard CA finish.
Are shop drawings included in the price of custom products?
Price includes one set shop drawings, additional drawings furnished at $75 NET per hour
Does Charles Alan do field measurements/Installations?
We prefer not to, but on local installations we can accommodate. Charge depends upon product and location.
Can upholstery pieces be done in multi fabrics?
Yes – there is a 5% up-charge for multiple fabrics/leathers.
Where is COM/COL to be sent?
Charles Alan Inc., 2901 Stanley, Ave. Ft. Worth, TX 76110
How should COM/COL be tagged?
Should be tagged with PO# and product number.
What is the lead time for CA product?
Standard product is 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of COM/COL, Custom product is 10 to 12 weeks after receipt of COM/COL and sign-off.
Who is my representative?
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What are the office hours?
7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
What are the plant hours?
6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
When is a deposit required?
A deposit is required on ALL custom products regardless of a company’s credit status. A deposit is also required on ALL first time orders.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, a 3.5% fee will be added to all credit card orders.
Is there a minimum freight charge?
When does an order go into production?
An order is not entered into production until all details are final, meaning all COM/COL has been received and approved, the finish has been signed-off, the ship to address specified and the deposit (if required) has been received.